Price List

First-Time Patient?

Exam, x-rays, and Cleaning for only €120!

Fees for Dental Treatments

Examination and Treatment Plan€30
Scale and Polish (Private)€70
Scale and Polish ( PRSI )€15
Oraqix Numbing Gel€15
Single Digital X-ray€25
Full Mouth Digital X-ray€60
Bite-wing Digital X-ray€50


White Fillings€80-€100
Filling Repair€50-€100
Tooth Build-up with pins€140
Tooth Filled with Fibre Posts€250
Bio-Dentyne Restoration€200-€300
Fissure Sealant€50


Acrylic (plastic)€400-€600
Metal Frame Dentures€950-€1100
Flexi-Dentures (Valplast)€850-€950

Root Canal Treatment*

Incisor (front tooth)€550
* Cost includes filling tooth afterwards.


Ortho xla€90
Surgical €200-€350
Orthodontic Extraction€90

Periodontal (Gum) Treatment

Deep Scaling€75
Oraqix Numbing Gel€15
Periodontal Assessment and Treatment Plan€75
Advanced Gum Treatment€200-€600

Crowns and Bridges

Metal-Bonded Porcelain Crown€850
High Impact Fully Porcelain Crown€1000
Maryland Bridge€1200
3 Unit Conventional Bridge€2200
Porcelain Veneer€850
Implant Restoration€1700
Temporary Crown€450

Tooth Whitening

Night/ Day Whitening€300
Laser Zoom Whitening€450
Internal Whitening€450

Other Treatments

Custom Made Mouth Guard€120
Custom Made Bite Guard€175
Orthodontic Retainer€175

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions people ask before visiting the dentist.

What is gum disease?

Gum disease (periodontal disease) is a chronic infection that is most often caused by the build up of dental plaque. Gum disease rarely shows symptoms before it is well advanced. It is an infection that can wreak havoc on your teeth and your overall health. While there are many factors involved in the development of gum disease, the most common cause is the build up of dental plaque.

Should I floss every day?

If you want to keep your teeth and body healthy, yes. Brushing your teeth twice daily and cleaning between your teeth and below the gum line with floss not only dislodges the food stuck there at dinner, it also helps protect against gum disease as well as more serious health problems.

Should I go to the dentist when I am pregnant?

Getting a dental check-up during pregnancy is safe. We recommend you have your teeth cleaned and get procedures like cavity fillings done before your baby is born. Our dentists can also help you with any pregnancy-related dental symptoms you might be experiencing. Make sure you tell our appointment booking team and your dentist when you arrive that you are pregnant. In the last trimester, we don’t do anything that can stress you, lying back can be uncomfortable, so for those reasons it’s better not to do anything in the last 3 months. But if something urgent has to be done and you are in the last trimester let us know immediately.

Is tooth whitening safe?

The active ingredient in home and dentist’s office tooth-whitening bleaches is carbamide peroxide, which breaks down into hydrogen peroxide in your mouth. Studies show that this chemical does not raise your risk for oral cancer, which had been an early concern. However, it can temporarily make teeth more sensitive for up to 78 percent of people who have their pearly whites lightened. Your teeth become sensitive because the hydrogen peroxide in whiteners soaks through the protective outer coating of enamel and into the softer layer of dentin underneath, irritating the nerve-rich dental pulp at the core. Microscopic cracks and leaks along dental fillings increase your odds for tooth sensitivity. Up to 40 percent of people who use whitening trays also experience temporary gum irritation as well. It goes away in a few days or at most in a week or so. Don’t use tooth-whitening bleaches more often than recommended. Research shows that these products do wear away microscopic amounts of tooth enamel, which could increase tooth sensitivity and in rare cases, even tooth decay.

How often should I go to the dentist?

People with good healthy teeth and little risk or history of cavities or gum disease are usually able to see their dentist either once or twice a year. People with a high risk of dental disease might need to visit every three or four months, or more depending on past history, the state of their teeth and their dental hygiene routine.

How often should I have my teeth cleaned?

It is recommended twice a year. People with a high risk of dental disease might need to visit three or four times a year, or more depending on past history, the state of their teeth and their dental hygiene routine.

When should my child be checked by a dentist?

It is recommended that your child should have their first check-up after two years of age.

Should I go to the dentist when I am sick?

Don’t go to the dentist if you are sick! Phone your GP to discuss your symptoms if you feel unwell. They may give you advice over the phone or arrange to see you in person. Wait until you are feeling better before scheduling your dental appointment.

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