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Practice Privacy Statement-Bishopstown Dental Clinic,. New  General  Data  Protection  Regulations (GDPR) require us to inform Patients and their guardians of and reasons for holding your personal details, the steps we take to ensure they are kept secure, and the duration we keep those details. The Data Compliance officer at the practice is Dr Lynda Kenefick.


  1. We hold your personal details, clinical records and financial payment history on file. We do not keep your bank details or credit card details on file.
  2. We keep these details in order to allow a smooth progress of your treatment. It may sometimes be supplied to other healthcare professionals where onward referral for additional treatment is required.
  3. This data is used only for your treatment. It will not be disclosed to other parties without

your express consent

  1. We keep both computer and paper records. Paper charts are filed securely. All data is stored on computer and the computers are password protected both to turn on the computer and to access the practice management software (Aerona). Anti-viral software is kept up to date by Avast. The practice is securely locked and alarmed out of hours. All members of the practice with access to the data are compliant with security procedures. The data is backed up daily, both onsite and offsite.

5.The data collected  is only that which is deemed relevant to your care. It is kept for as long as possible in order that we can answer any queries about your treatment, if requested, even many years after it is finished. We are required by law to keep the data for at least 9 years. After this span, it will be deleted only if you request it. You are entitled to view the records at any time.

6.We do not do any practice marketing i.e you will be contacted only to make appointments in relation to your course of treatment and it’s follow-up.

  1. If you do not wish to have your data kept in this manner, you must discuss this with Lynda Kenefick. Please remember that it is kept only for smooth progress of treatment and it may not be possible to carry on this case.